Getting started on the EHR project

@eran13kom welcome - if you tell us your technology interests - what programming language we can help you get started

Thank you @judywawira. I am skilled in Java, JavaScript, php and mySQL.

@eran13kom look at the EHR project.

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Okay @teryhill. I will look into that. :+1:

I looked into the project LibrebealthEHR @teryhill. I like to contribute to this project.:slight_smile:

Look over the issues and see if something interests you. Currently we have work being done on the UI,Calendar and database. There are other issues out there look at them and see what you might like or open a new discussion on a topic that is important to you.


Please open a discussion on here in the #projects:lh-ehr category if you have questions :slight_smile:

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Okay @teryhill I will look into the issues.

Sure :+1: @r0bby I will. Thank you :blush:

If you would like I can assign you a task to do.

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Yeah that will be great @teryhill. :+1:I prefer UI and database most. :slight_smile:

Chandima, Art here…Really glad to have you on the team. Let me know if you have any problems with the repo such as permissions in adding tags to issues or the like.

I encourage you to dive right in as you like, but my hope is that you will help us with code review from the very beginning. This sounds like a reach for someone that is just getting into the code base, but there is a really good opportunity there to look at the things that are currently being worked on (meaning stuff that others have their heads around right now), and being able to get some commits under your belt quickly by finding stuff you think needs improvement that you can get to by branching off that branch, or revising after merge. This means that the person originally working on that piece can very easily review your code…immediately.

Every time one of us tackles something, there is usually something in that same file that also needs help. inefficient functions, queries, bad formatting, incorrect attestation, you name it. It is very satisfying to look at a file and think: “No one is going to need to touch this for a while.”

Detail coding is pretty easy to get into, and very hard when you are trying to work on a major feature. That is our current weakness.

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If you want to look at issue #91 no one is currently working directly on it. There will be some structure changes coming from a database change but you can look and see if it is of interest to you, Art and Tony know best how to start people in the code. Mine are just suggestions.

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Don’t let Terry fool you. He is on the front-lines of running this stuff for real-world applications. If he says something is important…that probably means it is top priority.

@aethelwulffe you or @tony may need to invite @eran13kom to the repo so issues can be tagged.

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I have added him as a collaborator, but there are some issues as to the permissions or GSOC or new collaborators for “read” vs “write”. I found a mixture. I set all non-admin teams to “read” for now. Let’s have this discussion elsewhere though, like in the EHR or org forums. @teryhill @eran13kom @tony @downey

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@teryhill I will read more about the issue and a get a clear understanding.

@eran13kom see if you can comment on the issue in github. We can track the questions easier there.