Getting Started in LibreHealth Open Source

I am a newcomer in the LibreHealth community and want to devote my time in uplifting the LibreHealth by contributing to LibreHealth open source project. I am well versed with HTML, CSS, Javascript along with React Frameworks for frontend and NodeJs, ExpressJs, and MongoDB for the backend. I am in search of guidance that could help me in getting started with LibreHealth open source projects.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks and regards Pranav Chauhan

Thanks for your interest @PranavChauhan.

Assembling the web components to build an EHR on top of the lh-toolkit would fit your skills. Additionally, the cost-of-care web application and mobile applications that use Flutter could also fit. Please look at the issues in those repos - LibreHealth ยท GitLab and start commenting and working on this.