Generic FOSS SQL tools for LibreEHR Hosted sites

There has been a discussion regarding the need to have a tool (phpMyAdmin, for instance…) as an optional part of some EHR installations. @downey suggested we take it public (frankly, I thought it was but I missed the “lock” part of the thread…

In anycase OpenEMR (and subsequently LibreEHR) has always relied on a user friendly generic SQL tool for ad hoc reporting. In fact, in OpenEMR has phpMyAdmin is included in the source repository.

@r0bby feels that phpMyAdmin is a risk to install. I feel the risk is well worth it, but I am the one the insisted that we pull it out of the LibreEHR repo and make it (or any other web based SQL) an optional install.

So, I’m open to suggestions as to how we can accommodate a reasonable tool with reasonable security that could be made available where needed.

The urgency is (a bit) diminished as @rhoyt as indicated that he and the Universities don’t need that tool right away, so perhaps some measured discussion can be had about what the options could be.

I would like to hear from as many people as are interested in this topic. @teryhill @aethelwulffe @sunbiz @judywawira etc …


1 Like was one of the tools that was mentioned prior.

I will check that out. Thanks.