[GCI 2017] Call for mentors

Are you interested mentoring GCI?

If you have not reached out to me already and are already proposing tasks, please do so before Friday.

Thank you.

I have two people who would like to be mentors … should they comment here with interest?


Yes, and invite them to the mentors chat on Rocket Chat.

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Hi, @r0bby I’d like to mentor GCI.

@Harry is one of the mentors I recently recruited

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@r0bby please add @spiritus72 to the mentors list

They all need to be on the Chat

One other thing: If you are mentoring, you MUST have some baseline understanding of at least one of our projects.

Some of the sample tasks that I have seen are rather bad. They show a rather weak understanding of both what LibreHealth is about, and the understanding of the project(s) themselves.

This is a program where you’re working with kids who have NO programming experience potentially. It requires patience at times. You can’t help students if you, yourself don’t understand the code.

Please consider this if you are volunteering. We do need to begin some vetting of our mentors. This is a time commitment. The program will be non-stop.


Yes I am interested in mentoring. What is the next step?

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See above. Join our chat.

Hello @r0bby. I am not able to see this page: https://gitlab.com/librehealth/gci/wikis/Tasks. As I wish to be a GCI mentor for this session. I will please like to be added to the gitlab org.

Message me your gitlab username.

Thanks. My gitlab username is @spiritus72.

Will add you now. Do not add any more tasks. I have made that private for very obvious reasons – among them is that students are not allowed to know our tasks prior to the program.

Alright good. Thanks a lot!