Forking/merging into LH-wide website

I’d like to suggest for a slightly different approach:

  1. Because our projects are starting small, I believe that standalone websites for them will be overkill and will harm our searchability & discoverability.
  2. I would like to recommend taking the nice work done by @rallam92 (great job!) and adapt it for a more general LibreHealth site (replacing the temporary page at and including sections/pages for each sub-project. We’d also want to add (over time) some overview pages of the LH community, project incubation process, etc.

What do people think of this approach?


I like this approach. We can take this and make it to be and then each project team contributes to this code. May be over time each project can host their own webpage linked through this.

@rallam92 would you be willing to help @sunbiz with such a transition?

Yes sure. I will help @sunbiz. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions


Awesome! Thanks @rallam92. I can supply logo files or colors or other items from the current page if it’s helpful. @r0bby will you be able to help sort out DNS changes?

@tony @aethelwulffe et al, can you coordinate with @sunbiz & @rallam92 about how to approach integrating your existing site content? :slight_smile:

Yes, happy to do that.

We moved the website repo under librehealth organization in github. - It is currently deployed through gitlab pages - . We need @downey your help to move it to our domain

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