FHIR Application Task Question


(Jonathan Zhang) #1

@judywawira Robby said you pioneered this task so I have a few questions. My current prototype is here [wip]: https://www.figma.com/proto/JXhSbcvmnU2IeJSudR643zdQ/Appointments?node-id=1%3A126&viewport=358%2C436%2C1.04092&scaling=scale-down-width

I’m not sure what the task means when it says to make reusable components. I have made the frames for a potential appointment portal but I am unsure of how to submit my product. I could make components such as the calendar, search bars, and nav bar, if that’s what the task means. Could I get elaboration on what is expected for the final product of the task? Any comments from people who know FHIR would be appreciated.

The task link is attached.

(Robby O'Connor) #2

I cannot answer questions about FHIR but I can answer this one: Read the article on MDN and webcomponents.org. You’d use Polymer to implement this component.Polymer used to be really bad, but is has improved since then. Components can also be implemented in React, Angular, Ember.js, or Vue.js. There’s more than what I listed but these are the popular ones.

The reason I linked to the LibreHealth Toolkit FHIR web components, code is here is because it’s an example. You’d make separate components, which when pulled together would form the UI for scheduling appointments. Make it as modular as possible.