Fee Sheet SQL Error


(Daniel) #1

I was playing with the fee sheet in Librehealth EHR and got an SQL error. Here is a screen shot. I apologize if someone already discussed this. I did a quick search but didn’t find any other references.


(Terry Hill) #2

Add these fields.

ordering_physician INT(11) DEFAULT ‘0’ COMMENT ‘ordering provider , if any, for this visit’, referring_physician INT(11) DEFAULT ‘0’ COMMENT ‘referring provider, if any, for this visit’, contract_physician INT(11) DEFAULT ‘0’ COMMENT ‘contract provider, if any, for this visit’,

We need an upgrade script @tony

(Art Eaton) #3

Still sort of wish these fields said “clinician” vs “Physician”. Either way, we really need that upgrade system going.

(Terry Hill) #4

Make a commit changing them

(Art Eaton) #5

Oh, I am afraid that it would take a whole lot to revise the application to hit that naming bias everywhere…and would require a lot of stuff for migration as well. I am just sensitive to it, as most of my users are not MD’s. The important point is the upgrade piece, and I don’t mean to distract from that.

(Tony McCormick) #6

Agree, so we either write one, re-add the old one or use the example I provided from Ken which is pretty much identical, but wrapped in a date stamping process.

I have no time in my schedule right now, next month I can do it, if someone hasn’t done it by them.