Exposing LH Docker Container outside the Host Network

Hello, I am in a fix. I’ve tried to look around on my own but I can’t figure it out. How do I expose LH Radiology Docker container outside the host network so that I can login from another computer? I know LH Radiology is not production ready yet but there are some cool features that I’d like to demonstrate to my colleagues as proof of concept. I’m using Windows 10 Host with WSL2. Thank you. @r0bby @judywawira

Use LibreHealth / LibreHealth Radiology / lh-radiology-docker · GitLab

I followed these exact steps during installation but nowhere do they mention how to configure external access to docker containers.

Did you run the dev compose file?

@webmanlungu I recommend you work in a Linux VM or dual-boot Linux. it’s easier.

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During installation, yeah.

Alright, thanks. I’ll try to set it up on Linux.

The issue is that your browser is running on Windows, WSL2 uses a HyperV VM.

On Linux, this should "just work"™

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