Exploring better ways to capture the user needs

One of the mantras of LibreHealth is to meet the needs of the last mile user … Meaning beyond meeting needs of implementers , we have to work with end users

I have been exploring this topic and with suggestions from @teleivo , I watched several user stories videos , also on agile programming.

It is clear to me that we have to seek out the voice of the end users – and basic non technical user stories are a big component of this – + they have emotions attached to the user stories and their needs , and also means we only build what is required by users , not imagined needs.

Turns out that the best way to do this is a piece of paper aka deck of cards - cos essentially user stories are a promise to have conversations . I have looked at several tools available for user stories and these are geared towards developers e.g. mingle from Thoughtworks and cardboard. I am exploring this idea of having a simple platform where we can collect real user stories from multiple people across continents - For radiology we have been using google docs and gitbook and this is turning to be messy

I have a small group of students that will help me on this project for a couple of days. I am looking for feedback - https://gitlab.com/judywawira/wateja/wikis/home Please feel free to create a statement of needs of such a platform – Rem its focussing on the non technical user who would never contribute to the project if not invited but their work heavily relies on the software we create

Also open to other suggestions

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Your link doesn’t work @judywawira

Fixed it … Please try it again