Error after running the sql_upgrade script

I download the newest master changes, ran the sql_upgrade.sql script and now I am getting this screen

Here is my log file:

Has anyone else run into this issue?

I am not sure what is going on . The upgrade script should have just updated some fields in encounter forms.Did you download any of the PR’s ?

Did you download the Role Based Menus code?

I just pulled all the new changes from upstream master.

Comment out line 10 in interface\main\tabs\menu\menu_data.php till I figure out what is going on

Never mind Dan that won’t work.

Try running this /library/classes/installer.class.php see what happens

You can’t run the above. Dan did you get any errors in the upgrade script when you ran it.

Try running the upgrade script again

Dan do you have the menu_data.json in the sites directory?


Can you look at your old version of the code and see what is in menu_data.php

Do you have phpmyadmin installed?

yes, I have phpmyadmin.

Did you check the permissions on the menu_data.json file?

yeah. Changed the mod to 777. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe I’ll try to reinstall it.

Try it and let me know. The information does not appear to be saved in the globals file so I am not sure what is going on there. @tony made some of those changes maybe he can point us to something I am missing.

I have no idea what the context of this discussion is… I removed the upgrade scripts entirely and Terry put them back (which is a reasonably stop-gap). Otherwise I know nuthin’. I have never needed (or wanted) to upgrade a libreHeatlh EHR, just new installs.

…and my life has been a terror of constant diff upgrades that are never ever automated. Heh. Such is life.

Did this get resolved with the re-installation of the code?