Error after running the sql_upgrade script


(Daniel) #1

I download the newest master changes, ran the sql_upgrade.sql script and now I am getting this screen

Here is my log file:

Has anyone else run into this issue?

(Terry Hill) #2

I am not sure what is going on . The upgrade script should have just updated some fields in encounter forms.Did you download any of the PR’s ?

(Terry Hill) #3

Did you download the Role Based Menus code?

(Daniel) #4

I just pulled all the new changes from upstream master.

(Terry Hill) #5

Comment out line 10 in interface\main\tabs\menu\menu_data.php till I figure out what is going on

(Terry Hill) #6

Never mind Dan that won’t work.

(Terry Hill) #7

Try running this /library/classes/installer.class.php see what happens

(Terry Hill) #8

You can’t run the above. Dan did you get any errors in the upgrade script when you ran it.

(Terry Hill) #9

Try running the upgrade script again

(Terry Hill) #10

Dan do you have the menu_data.json in the sites directory?

(Daniel) #11


(Terry Hill) #12

Can you look at your old version of the code and see what is in menu_data.php

(Terry Hill) #13

Do you have phpmyadmin installed?

(Daniel) #14

yes, I have phpmyadmin.

(Terry Hill) #15

Did you check the permissions on the menu_data.json file?

(Daniel) #16

yeah. Changed the mod to 777. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe I’ll try to reinstall it.

(Terry Hill) #17

Try it and let me know. The information does not appear to be saved in the globals file so I am not sure what is going on there. @tony made some of those changes maybe he can point us to something I am missing.

(Tony McCormick) #18

I have no idea what the context of this discussion is… I removed the upgrade scripts entirely and Terry put them back (which is a reasonably stop-gap). Otherwise I know nuthin’. I have never needed (or wanted) to upgrade a libreHeatlh EHR, just new installs.

(Art Eaton) #19

…and my life has been a terror of constant diff upgrades that are never ever automated. Heh. Such is life.

(Terry Hill) #20

Did this get resolved with the re-installation of the code?