End User code requests or requests for improvements

I have working with the Dated Reminders and a couple of things jump out at my.

255 characters is not enough for use in our practice. TINYTEXT is not enough, can this field have a TEXT type instead?

The default bright red text seems unecessary and is hard to read. Could this be made to black?

Looking up current message status is a bit clunky. Currently there is no default to look up current messages in the log without making at least three additional clicks. It would nice for the view log to do something. For me I would have it default pull up messages sent by ‘myself’ so that users can look up status of message sent by themselves.

In the pnotes that we have been using it is easy to click on the patient name to navigate to that patient’s demographic page. This is the most common step to respond to any question asked of the user.

Forwarding a dated reminder to another user is a common activity. It is a bit disorienting to “forward a message” but not to be able to see the message that is being forwarded and no indication that the action was successful.

We have been using ‘pnotes’ to send Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) to care managers. Very typically I paste in a boilerplate such as the following:

Hampton Manor 320 Broughton St Gaston,NC, 27832 Tel (252) 533-0007

Electronically signed: Samuel T. Bowen, MD NPI: 1568448439 DEA: BB0930366 NC Lic: 0031115 PO Box 2268 Hickory, NC 28603 1-828-855-1192

I then add the name and date of birth of the patient, followed by the order. Currently there is no easy way to to send orders of this type and no way to electronically sign the orders.

While I realize this system is less than ideal, it is clunky, but it does work. Of course having a true Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) would likely be better and allow better tracking of the orders.

Sam Bowen, MD

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