EHR UI enhancements and Bootstrap integration

Hi guys, putting this out because I’ve noticed lots unattractiveness and inconsistency in EHR UI. Bootstrap isn’t used throughout the system. If we are building a system for end users(some of which are non-technical), then we should be empathetic.

Straight to it!!! I’m starting a “mini-project” with the aim of getting a consistent UI for EHR. I managed to come up with 41 tasks for this project. Most of them are just small fixes, some involving Bootstrap. If we are in for Bootstrap then all UI components should be in Bootstrap for consistency. @nileshprasad137 had started work on this, he’ll be our guide as we push further.

Team!!! All interested in this project should indicate. Sure @aethelwulffe, @teryhill, @tony and @nileshprasad137 would be available to guide us through. I strongly encourage those new to EHR to join this project, it’ll help us easily get along with EHR. @SoumyadeepJana

Here are some of the short tasks:

  1. Link: Flow Board task: Adjust date picker to have the same margin as status and category fields.
  2. Link: Messages tasks: - Remove ‘>’ sign next to ‘see all’. Better, remove ‘see all’ and add ‘just mine’ to the list of links; “Show All”, “Show active”, …… - Send “Add New” to the top. Change “Add New” to “Add Message”.

The rest of the tasks are similar to these. Some are little more complicated, but doable. The full list of tasks can be found here: Link will be put after GCI

Go through the tasks, add, remove or edit them. Ask any questions if you understand what I wrote. Propose any ideas, like on how we assign the tasks. (Github issues???)

@aethelwulffe, @teryhill, @SoumyadeepJana, … let’s talk more!


@Trodrige I think this will be a major improvement in consistency as far as the end user is concerned.This mini project seems interesting and I am more than excited to start contributing.Is there any deadline for completing the tasks?

There is no deadline to complete the task. I will be available to help with blockers. Sure others are ready to help too. It is understood that you may have other things doing apart from contributing here. I tried making the tasks as detailed as possible with directions(Links) to the tasks. You’ll just have to worry about the tasks.

Great! I’ll jump in wherever needed.

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@nileshprasad137 @trodrige What exactly is meant by ‘See All’ and 'Just Mine ’ to be select fields in task2 and should the Add new be replaced bby add messages button or is it a seperate entity at the top to be added?

Task 6 on this list: Text that is red indicates REQUIRED FIELDS. If you change it to Black, then you need another indicator of minimum required fields.

-Associated task that is in more depth would be created a configuration that allows the user to determine what is a required field. The current LAYOUT engine is supposed to attend to such things, but they do not translate over to the search/add feature.

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There’s “See All”, “Show All”, “Show active”, “Show inactive”, and “Just mine” on that page. “See All” and “Show all” do the same thing. Remove “See all” then add “just mine” to the small menu having “Show All”, “Show active”, … Sorry I corrected task 2 in the docs file.

Seems good,I am working on it.

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Why is the call_required_libaries() not working for forms/ros/ros/general_new.php

Can’t take a look at the moment, but is there an include for globals.php and for

Yes and I have included them,still it’s not working.

what is the error in the php error log?

Sorry was a bit busy due to my examinations.I have fixed the issue.

Where is the title to all the tabs under patients/visits/clinical/ located?

Hi Folks-

Working on the tutorial videos I found some things that I think fit in this project, though not being a dev I’m not sure if they are relevant to the ‘Bootstrap’ part.

In the the pt summary screen/ Prescription widget, the Add/ Edit Rx panel: - could we replace those date dropdowns with a calendar widget - the datum labelled ‘quantity’ seems redundant and confusing with the ‘take _ in…’ item. If it’s not used anywhere else internally, suggest take out the quantity box - if you enter a med in prescriptions and indicate it as NOT active, (deselect the ‘Active’ checkbox) it still gets added to the Medication Issues list as active and must be manually inactivated by entering an end date. Propose automatically inserting the current date as end date, for meds entered as not ‘active’ - ALSO- could use a blank menu option in the provider pick list to manually enter an outside prov, for historical meds instead of only being able to use the facility’s provider users.

In fact, go through the whole EHR and make sure ALL the date dropdown selectors are replaced w/ calendar widgets.

On the facility schedule calendar, could we get an automatic calendar refresh when the event dialog (creating/ editing any calendar component) is saved? Otherwise, updates don’t show unless the tab or the display is refreshed.

In the EHR that Libre was forked from, in the calendar clicking on an appointment’s status indicator symbol pulled up the event dialog, and in both the calendar and the flow board you could click on the pt name and pull up the pt’s summary screen. With Libre, the user has to manually search on the pt to be able to work with them. Could we look at restoring that functionality? It would significantly reduce the amount of effort needed to do an encounter, by all the staff involved.

Rgds- Harley

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