EHR Setup/Installer

Hello @aethelwulffe @teryhill @tony and other EHR members. I am starting this thread to have a discussion on installer for EHR.

Currently I am working on web-installer i.e., installer operating in browser. This will have following functionalities :

[1] Check Dependencies : If required dependency is not installed, then it will install it. For installation, it will prompt for root password.

[2] Check Permissions : It will check the required permission, and if not then it will ask the user the grant those permission.

[3] Migration and Seeding : Next step is to migrate the database and seed it. It will run the migration file and seeders and on successful execution, it will launch the application.

To have desktop installer, I looked at PHP Desktop, a tool to create setup for PHP applications, but I’m not sure how to use it, but this may come handy in future.

Please provide your inputs, so that I can get it more refined. There may be delay in my work because of my college schedule.


Some tools, like “webmin” allow for OS related installation of apps and other “root” password activities. Not sure how this would work with a system that needs to support Window/Mac and Linux, however.

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I’m in favor of using docker. Specifically, docker-compose is helpful here.

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Hi, @pri2si17 I’ve used PHP Desktop to create an installer for Laravel application. It was helpful to me and easy to use too. But we have to compare this with Docker(interesting too), and others.

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I don’t have idea of Docker. I will look at it. Regarding PHP Desktop, it wraps up the browser to a desktop window. So I think, that can be done on browser itself. Will look at it also.

PHP Desktop comes with a browser(Chrome and IE) and Web server(). It currently supports Windows ( 7 - 10). Linux and Mac aren’t currently supported. For Linux, WINE may help; with so many issues here and there. I believe we need installers for all platforms here.

That’s why I was saying a web-installer. It will run on all platform :slight_smile: . But I will check docker once (completely new to me).