EHR - MariaDB / Replication / Load Balancing

(Tony McCormick) #1

We just deployed a 3 server, encrypted, load balanced, live Master->Slave replica using MariaDB for the EHR with no changes to the EHR except the URL and Port of the DB.

@aethelwulffe @teryhill @r0bby

(Robby O'Connor) #2

I’ll gladly set up a MariaDB cluster

(Art Eaton) #3

Just set up a Galera cluster. Is cool.

(Tony McCormick) #4

That is what we did …

(Robby O'Connor) #5

Nothing is being spun up right now. What we have now is what is staying there.

(Tony McCormick) #6

We don’t need anything, just letting people know that it’s possible. One step closer to being able to create a container deployment.

(Robby O'Connor) #7

Ah! Cool :slight_smile: If you want help, let me know.