EHR Documents are now in 7 different languages

I am proud to have been one of the first Outreachy Interns at LibreHealth. I am honored that my two mentors invited me back this round as a mentor.

And it is exciting to see how far we have come in our Documentation of the LibreHealth EHR system for users.

We began with a few documents and the videos provided by @htuck. During my internship, I transcribed many of the videos into English, and my Intern-mate, @Adele_Nguedia translated those documents into French.

Today, we currently have 5 documents with focus on the LibreHealth EHR Features, 10 documents with focus on Clinic Workflow, and 6 documents with focus on Administration Tasks. Many of these have been created by the current round of Intern Candidates.

Besides our original languages of English and French, some of these documents have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, German and Hindi.

Among the applicants, one stood out as Exceptional, and I know she will do a great job as our intern. There is one other who is Great, and we were hoping to have funding for her as well – just as we did with Adele in the last round.

But this is really a request for action from the community. Many of the applicants are not medical office personnel, and so there may be a disconnect in the translations. This could cause some issues with a few of our users.

If your native language is in any of our document languages, please feel free to look at our documents and let us know how they read. This QA method will go a long way to assure us that we are providing quality and professional User Guides.