Educational User Guides

This can be the area we discuss user guides and once they are finished we can have the EHR Help tab point to this location. I can add a separate PDF to each section for input. After all input is collected we can publish the final drafts to this site.

I plan to invite the Informatics instructors who responded to my email to join the forum and look at this section


Scavenger Hunt #1.pdf (337.3 KB)

I am finished with this PDF, but it remains unclear whether we will need a more advanced scavenger hunt for graduate students. There is a second PDF that includes answers for instructors

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EHR.Tutorial.Student #1_July_18.pdf (984.2 KB)

This is the first instructional PDF that will use one of the 10 sample patients to navigate around the EHR and touch on all major functions

EHR Tutorial Student #2_July_18.pdf (116.9 KB)

In this tutorial students will create their own test patient (they will all have the last name of Test). Using the knowledge from the first PDF they should be able to complete this

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EHR Tutorial Instructor_July_18.pdf (332.4 KB)

This PDF for be for faculty who will have administrative privileges. The reality is that they should completely understand the two student PDFs as well and the Exercises

EHR Tutorial Exercises_July_21.pdf (1.8 MB)

This was the most challenging, but most interesting. I updated this today (July 21st) with the recommendations of our coding HIM expert. There is a new data viz exercise and I included a new section Future Exercises and added 4 areas I hope we can include at some point. The document is 16 pages long so this might be all for this evolutions, until we get the feedback from instructors

@rhoyt this is excellent. I liked the customization question from the first PDF, for what many implementers will have to do in their jobs. But all of the other ones are nice too… Thanks!! These are very useful.

I think it is a decent start. Before launching I will go over all of them again and probably have my student review them for clarity.

In the meantime will continue to work on the exercises as this will also be of interest to IBM as well as students

This is a good activity. I noticed one error in Section 2/Dennis Kelley. The lab encounter number is 31900, not 3900.

Good pick up. It was changed for the student and the instructor guides

With the “Super Student” access code, I was unable to create a new encounter. Should I change the student access code to something else?

The super student category was for one reason only – if a student wanted to create clinical decision support which is usually done by the administrator (go figure). You can make them a student but give them physician status which should work

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Got it. Thanks for the feedback.

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