Does LibreHealth support windows environment? & java versioning question?

(sorcerer stone) #1

Hello All, Ran into problem installing openMRS. Search for info and found this organization. I am working solely on windows.

Do LibreHealth and related modules (radiology in particular) support windows or it only supports linux environment?

Also, if LibreHealth supports windows, what version of JDK, JRE (64bit or 32bit) does it support in order to get the project install in 64bit windows?

Thank you in advance.

(Robby O'Connor) #2

LibreHealth isn’t a particularly product, but LibreHealth Toolkit is.

Since LibreHealth Toolkit is a fork of OpenMRS Platform, Java 6 or Java 7 is recommended…I’m not sure if Java 8 compatibility is there yet – 32 bit systems should work fine. I’ve run it on a 32 bit system prior, but this was ages ago… almost a decade ago.

. LibreHealth Radiology supports windows just fine, as mentioned above. @judywawira can correct me if I’m misspeaking but it should run fine on Windows. LibreHealth Radiology is a customized distribution of LibreHealth Toolkit.

(sorcerer stone) #3

Hello Rob, Thanks for info. I signed up to this forum via LibreHealth Toolkit page.

Latest openMRS supports Java8. I am not sure when LibreHealth branched off from openMRS. So it may not support Java8. I have problem with non Java8 support because Java7 end of life was 2 years ago.

I strongly believe the JDK support version (32bit or 64bit) plus support version # should be clearly & explicitly stated (I am referring to openMRS as I just ran into LibreHealth). I am having versioning problems with installation and looking to use LibreHealth Toolkit instead (But now I understand LibreHealth branched off from openMRS).

A problem I am foreseeing is the radiology module. It is just an interface module connecting to another open source system. That opensource system is 32bit (JRE). For linux people, this is not an issue (something to do with licensing). For windows people this is a nightmare. That radiology system also uses an obsolete JBoss which has its own embedded Tomcat. This make integrating all these modules together very problematic (port conflicts).

I have to play around with LibreHealth Toolkit to see how it behaves. Maybe it won’t have any of these issues.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #4

LH Toolkit supports Java 8 and infact I would recommend that you use it. I also recommend that you use Java 8 64-bit since it supports larger memory, that is required by toolkit when being used in real-world settings.

I dont see what system needs JRE 32-bit only. Orthanc, which is the PACS system that we are mainly using, doesnt need JRE 32-bit. In fact it doesnt need JRE at all.

(sorcerer stone) #5

That is good news. I switch over to librehealth toolkit right now. I thought the radiology module is a carry over from openMRS. The radiology module in openMRS is just an interface with dcm4chee. dcm4chee is a 32bit app (in Windows, not in Linux) and resides on an obsolete version of JBoss (Newer developer version, dcm4che, isn’t however). I know there is another opensource radiology project, Orthanc.It is very light in features but it should fit what I am doing. Thanks for the info.

(Robby O'Connor) #6

I didn’t actually install it – i used docker…but yeh…if you use docker… it’s so much easier. We have a server running it right now.

(Judy Gichoya) #7

@sorcerer what are you trying to do?

(sorcerer stone) #8

Hello Judy, I am doing R&D for my project. Excited to run into this project yesterday.

(sorcerer stone) #9

Hello Robby. Very interesting idea wrt Docker. I hope to get in touch with you later once I set LibreHealth up on my laptop.

(Robby O'Connor) #10

I have not set LibreHealth up with docker, just orthanc.