Docker support for EHR now available

For those unaware, @tony got a contract to containerize LibreHealth EHR. We merged that work done by a contractor and I did a little bit of tweaking but the images are now pushed to GitLab’s container registry built using GitLab CI.

There are two docker-compose files. The main one is the one for development, it has a bind mount of the source tree, copies in sample patients from our NHANES demo site, and is more or less just start it and go – so no more going through the set-up wizard! The other docker-compose file is for a production environment, the main difference being that source code is not mounted in the container, but is entirely contained, with only the database data and sites exposed as volumes, this is the same for development as well.

This should ease the pain a bit of setting things up for new developers, as well as make deployments easier. It’s not tested on windows but should work.

Give it a spin and try it out!

@robby @tony

As a non-techie I assume this will make installation of the educational version of LibreHealth easier?

not yet, this is the developer focused phase. next phase is cloud deploy support.

Tony McCormick Medical Information Integration

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