Demo of Librehealth EHR

I know folks have been actively developing this and wondered if a demo is available. I would love to see where things are at

2 Likes Username is admin Pass Phrase is password


I have seen the application , it looks quite good, i guess and hope that a lot would be done over this application. Apart from that, i would like to have a look at the user manual, if there is one existing.

Thank you advance.@Art Eaton

The only user manuals are exceedingly outdated. Speaking for my own efforts, my version’s first section draft will not be ready this week for editing, and may be late next week. That said, with patients…err patience, a complete newcomer’s perspective in using first the configuration guide and the various job/role/workflow guides would be much more helpful than having it reviewed by any experienced user, no matter how good an editor they may be. Draft reader volunteers would be most welcome.