Deleting branch 2.0.x and LTS releases

I was creating milestones for Toolkit and just realized that we might be wasting our time merging and keeping up with the 2.0.x branch. At the beginning, when we started the lh-toolkit fork, we talked about doing LTS releases. So, I think the Toolkit LTS 1.0.0 should be based on the 1.12.x branch, which includes the legacy-ui, but we will perform maintenance releases to improve performance, long pending bugs and security fixes.

The next Toolkit LTS 2.0.0 will be based on the master branch, which will be released with UI components that will be part of the EHR product. So, we will have these reusable components in ReactJS+KendoUI or Angular2/Polymer/Vaadin elements that is forward looking and will not be tied to groovy or another server-side framework. The LTS 2.0.0 release will be at least a few quarters away, but the LTS 1.0.0 will receive quarterly releases.

So I propose that we stop tracking the 2.0.x branch and delete it from our repos. What do you all think?

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You got my support.

Makes sense to me…

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ok, so we have deleted the 2.0.x and only have 1.12.x (Toolkit LTS 1.x) and master (Toolkit LTS 2.x)