Default Login Credentials for the lh-radiology-semi-automatic-image-annotator App

Hello Community , I appreciate all the awesome work your`re doing here. Am an OpenMRS dev and i was following steps to install the app here ,

But i cant find the default Login Credentials for both the web app and Django API documented anywhere.

Thanks .

cc @r0bby

@Kislay_Singh @pri2si17 was this ever documented?

See here -

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Thanks @muarachmann

These credentials work for the ract app , but dont work for the Django Admin pannel

it still warns

You are authenticated as admin, but are not authorized to access this page. Would you like to login to a different account?

Hi @moses here is the link to the api documentation. I will be further improving the UI and adding features.

Thanks @Kislay_Singh

Hello @Kislay_Singh , Looking at the POST endpoint to add an xray and data

	"bboxes": [{"xmin": "20.0",
                "ymin": "0.0",
                "xmax": "100.0",
                "ymax": "100.0"},
                {"xmin": "20.0",
                "ymin": "40.0",
                "xmax": "100.0",
                "ymax": "100.0"}],
    "pic_name": "xray",
    "expert_check": 0

does "picture" take the byte array of the image ??

When it comes to retrieving data , i have only seen this end Point which retrieves a random image data.

Is there away to retrieve a specific image data ??. especially by image name (pic_name) since its the only attribute that can be defined by user when adding the image and data