Data science resource

Hello @rhoyt. Think this would help the education project ?

Cc @aethelwulffe with your mips work too

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Thanks. I believe the Kaggle competitions are usually for cutting-edge solutions that probably don’t apply to our data science needs. Here is a blurb from their web site

Data Science for Good events will unite the energy and talent of a diverse community to drive positive impact on data problems posed by non-profit hosts. Kaggle’s Datasets platform will provide a democratized workspace for data scientists to analyze the data and publish their work. The open and collaborative environment will encourage data scientists to build on each other’s work and to push each problem to the limit of what is possible.

While we might not be in the running for any of Kaggle’s competitions, they do have a platform similar to DataWorld for sharing data that might provide some valuable exposure.

The chest X-rays from the NIH are also something of potential interest.

Great. I did not know the chest xray library existed. When and if we add more patient encounter notes we should probably add more chest xrays and other images to expand the student experience

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