Contribution guidelines for LibreHealth

Hey all, I have been viewing/opening issues, making PRs for quite sometime now and its really mixed up. I saw something similar in another org and think we could adopt same. I think we should adopt a standard procedure for

  • Submiting a PR e.g a valid name, what it fixes. and generally PR should fix a known issue(that is before making a PR, we must first create and issue)
  • Creating issues: a valid name, what the issue is all about, steps to encounter the issue , issues for discussions , screenshot, whether or not you would like to work on the issue etc etc.

Some sort of template for both issues/pull request.

I would love to have your ideas/thoughts

I merged your posts into one. See this for EHR – which is what you contribute to the most, so GitHub issue/PR templates will work. Additionally, each project will likely want to set their own guidelines. That’s where these policies should happen.

We could probably leverage gitmate to ensure these requirements are met.

@teryhill, @tony, @Trodrige , @judywawira, @downey here is a sample issue i made.

I know I’ve tried to influence how projects were run in the past and it backfired…I think projects should be able to mandate how issues/PRs are submitted. Discuss this with the EHR folks :slight_smile:

We can of course suggest things at the organization level…but ultimately I don’t think LH itself should mandate how things are reported unless we have a universal issue tracker, which we do not.