[COMPLETED][README] Email will be interrupted as we migrated to a new email provider

What is happening

The short of it is that we are losing the plan we currently use on Sparkpost for that, and they killed off our current plan. After looking at how many emails we sent, we sent, I settled on using Mailgun.

How will this affect me

Delivery of emails from both here and the chat will be disrupted for upwards to 48 hours, will likely be less, but could be as long as 48 hours.

When is this happening

This will likely happen within the current hour (as of writing it is 19:00 UTC).

If you have questions, please reply to this message.

This has been completed. All services now use mailgun.

I have to keep an eye on it and ensure that we do not send more than 100 emails an hr.

Great @r0bby thanks.

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I was under a time crunch, only isse was that @Adele_Nguedia’s email sometimes gets dropped by mailgun because Yahoo! is rather weird and strict and deems the reputation of the IP with mailgun to be questionable, which I’m not sure I can do anything about it.

@r0bby will Sendgrid https://sendgrid.com/ do for us?

No, it’s only 40,000 emails for the first month. It won’t work. Mailgun is what we’re using for now.

Hi @r0bby, I have a gmail too: nguimatiobest@gmail.com

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That works, but the problem is we can’t dictate what emails people use for signups - and I can’t control the fact that Yahoo! is notorious for being annoying with regards to email deliverability. The only hope is that we establish a good enough reputation that eventually things settle down.

Going to close this. If anybody has issues with not getting emails sent by our services, let me know.