Cleaning old codebase and branch conventions

I have been cleaning up our codebase, triaging issues, and assigning reviews to individuals who have worked on the codebase before. So, if you do receive notifications from Gitlab, please don’t ignore those. It is part of regular maintenance work to ensure new developers are able to find their way, and also for us to keep track of pending issues. @r0bby and I are also triaging and labeling some issues, so that it’s easy for new developers to find issues to contribute to.

I have two proposals regarding our codebase that I’d like from feedback from other devs (old or incoming interested devs):

  1. Replace the “master” nomenclature to “main” on all projects. This is a major change, so we should synchronize this across all our org projects. This will mean that any open MRs will have to be reviewed and merged, edited, or closed. Close old MRs that are too divergent and will need too much work to be merged.
  2. Find a maintainer for the EHR project. Set a deadline for the new codebase with new UI, or merge upstream changes from OpenEMR or kill the current project and incubate a new project with a new codebase.

The #2 could well have been a poll. But I feel it’s worth a discussion that’s more than the @lsc (Steering committee). A lot of side chatter has happened from time to time, but I feel we need to make a decision and a public one with everyone’s opinion on it. These are two major decisions on which we need community input, with an appropriate timeline.

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responding to #2 I’ve been away for a while so I don’t know what the status of the EHR code base is but I know that openEMR has moved far from it. Which was part of the original intent, so my feeling is that we should archive the EHR and start clean. Kevin and I have some things going that could help in that arena, but I don’t want to promise anything at this point. Just my 2 bits worth as a guy that is still in the industry, just not actively doing EHR dev work, except at the conceptual level.


It’s not hurting anyone right now but we could leave it for a little bit and see where things are in a few months.

I think @muarachmann agreed to take on EHR maintainership and was working on porting it to Laravel.

@sunbiz , @r0bby Yes I agreed to maintain the new EHR codebase and I am looking forward to this discussion in other to better know what is expected of me. Layout a clear roadmap. I have been really busy lately and job transition but feels good to be back in the health industry. I believe my contributions will also permit me follow best practices for the EHR systems. Right now I have been running the old instance, and implementing the features with the new codebase like patient creation, facility etc. Though. I know it is way beyond that I do count on some advice and expertise from y’all to better develop the product.

Let me know your thought,


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@r0bby @sunbiz ,

Dont sound like a nagger but i need clarity here. I loaded latest version a month ago and found it is buggy. Then i posted here for the latest version and i was told things were moving to Laravel.

In our opinion, its only our opinion so dont start sending Bhramos at us, I feel that you should fix what you already created and make it work so that there is continuous loyalty. We tried the buggy version and found it totally impressive but was hoping for version upgrades but was let down on 2 fronts - Laravel and no upgrades.

Is there a version after 2.0? Also i notice your website is so slow. I suspect the problem may be rooted in the css and js bootstrap cdn loading from a slow site - (max.cdn).

There is not a version after 2.0.0. The code has a ton of bugs in it and a lot of the code could stand to be cleaned up. There’s a lot of inconsistency with the coding style as well.

It also has a ton of security vulns – I’m not sure if they were all fixed. Some were but the code was never merged and we never re-did an audit of the code based on the report handed to us.

I would recommend against working on that for now. If you want to coordinate with @muarachmann and help out I’m sure he’d be grateful if you helped migrate it.

Hi @r0bby ,

Thank you for the good update. How do i get my hands on full source code and any tech documentation on that?

I could download and work on it. Let me see if i can migrate the code to Codeigniter 4 and, possibly with vuejs. I know it an ambitious plan, its achieveable if the code is not messy.

Main EHR: GitHub - LibreHealthIO/lh-ehr: LibreHealth EHR - Free Open Source Electronic Health Records which is also mirrored at LibreHealth / LibreHealth EHR / LibreHealth EHR Base · GitLab.

Laravel port: GitHub - LibreHealthIO/lh-ehr-laravel: LibreHealth EHR laravel – though I’d like to move the canonical repo to LibreHealth / LibreHealth EHR / LibreHealth EHR Laravel Port · GitLab.

Currently, the LibreHealth EHR canonical repositories are on GitHub but mirrored to GitHub. I wanted to move everything to GitLab and got objections from people who are no longer on the EHR team

Ok Got it. Will download.

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