CFP for OSCON 2017

The Call for Papers for OSCON 2017 has opened. I think we could have a very compelling story to tell about the emergence of a new umbrella organization for FOSS health projects through fusion of best practices. What do others think? Is anyone interested in working on a talk proposal?



Topic: Can the Farmer and the Cowhand be Friends? -And other topics on Avoiding the Tragedy of the Creative Commons. AKA “The Acme Fertilizer Company API”

I think there would be much to say about how disparate projects can be bound on nothing more than the fact they can benefit from the same administrative infrastructure; without suffering from Prima Nocte. The story itself, and even it’s setting would be a pretty humorous talk. Conventions need more entertainment-value speeches in general. EDIT: The story I am speaking of starts with “Two nerds were sitting around drinking beer in Portland…”


I think it’s great! Let’s do it… I’m game