Can I send HL7 message to external device?

(Hayden Lee) #1


I want to send a radiology order to the dcm4chee, How can I send/receive a HL7 message using lh-radiology? I realized only the port 8080 is acitve, so which port is supported for the HL7 service? And I find some tables in the librehealth database is about the HL7 queue, but but there is empty. Is there a function to send HL7 messages to external devices now? write the database tables?


(Terry Hill) #2

@Hayden Which software product are you working with. There are 3.

(Hayden Lee) #3

thanks for your response, I think the product is LibreHealth Radiology, the product link: lh-radiology

(Hayden Lee) #4

There are some infomation below:

  1. Maven version:

  1. I run the project on the docker .

I want to make it send HL7 message to external device, such as DCM4CHEE, what should I do? Is there any tutorial about it?

I truly appreciate your help.

(Terry Hill) #5

@judywawira @sunbiz would be the ones to contact for that.