Brainstorming about LH university internships

So @tony & I were chatting today about internships – less the “open source project” style internships and more about the more “traditional” students working for a company in exchange for money kind of internships.

Tony mentioned MECOP – – as one example of an org that works with companies to place top-tier students in two 6-month internships during their undergrad studies. I know there are others out there as well.

So, that got me thinking about two questions:

  1. What other programs do we know about that we might want to consider working with?
  2. Can we develop some basic written material about what type of student profile(s) we might want to work with us? (That we could re-use or at least fork for these various programs?)

Let’s discuss here. (And a reminder, this isn’t really about programs like GSoC, GCI, Outreachy, etc., but rather in closer partnership with universities & their students.)

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@sunbiz, I don’t know – I think it’s a program like GSoC (Google has been pretty clear that it has never been an internship from day one)