Beta release to support Judy's work end month

I am attending the SIIM (society of imaging informatics ) meeting end of June in portland , and i am in charge of teaching two things

  1. Introduction to REST – I am planning to use the openmrs platform. I was wondering can we release the platform rebranded as LibreHealth , as this session will be well attended and can serve as as advertisement for us

  2. I am shortlisted for the innovation showcase based on the registry work based on openmrs that is used at IU. I will have an exhibit space and would like to show the registry branded as LibreHealth.

Let me know if there are any supporters

I know its short notice


This is a great idea! Is it feasable in terms of the amount of work to do it? I think there are probably really two phases:

  1. Rebranding the UI, and
  2. Refactoring the code.

We don’t (and can’t) use the OpenMRS trademark other than nominative use, so it really can’t be in the UI for sure. But I think the string “openmrs” is scattered throughout the code for different purposes. I wonder from a trademark perspective what that means for us in terms of creating a “mirrored” fork from which to start development. Maybe @lrosen has an idea.

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@maany & @dkayiwa, maybe @sunbiz … do you have any rough estimate of how much effort it would take to do steps 1 & 2 above?

@judywawira you rock!! I’m sure Portland would be grateful to have you speak the those sessions :smiley:

If refactoring only involves renaming the Classes, Methods that use name string “openmrs”, it can be done pretty easily in Intellij by renaming a class and it will automatically refactor its occurrences. I’m not sure if the documentation or the xml’s (pom and applicationContext) could be modified with the same technique. Besides core, a lot of modules also use the string “openmrs” pretty widely in their code. It would be essential to rebrand them as well in order to support them with LibreHealth. I’ll do a smoke test and get back.

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Judy … when you say you want to use the derivative of OpenMRS Platform, what modules are you in need of?

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To do the registry work and what i need – See here ::

Thank you

So I see:

  • openmrs-platform
  • calculation-1.1.omod
  • custombranding-0.2.omod
  • htmlwidgets-1.6.6.omod
  • metadatamapping-1.0.1.omod
  • metadatasharing-1.1.8.omod
  • reporting-0.9.2.omod
  • serialization.xstream-0.2.7.omod
  • xforms-4.3.1.omod

AFAICT that’s everything, yes?

one of the things I’m thinking is what’s the thing that we should fork. I think we should do openmrs-core 2.0.0-beta and pack it with legacyui, and those listed modules. @maany, how do you feel about that compared to 1.12?

And @judywawira do you need the 1.x branch for some reason?

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Platform 2.0 works for me

I used 1.2 as t was the current release then

One other module that is not there is the CAS / Oauth module

For the modules we can compile to the latest

At present, I feel Platform 1.12 is more stable than Platform 2.0.0 beta. Primarily because testing Platform 2.0 Beta hasn’t been exhaustive and we might run into bugs when migrating modules to 2.0. If we want to get a stable release out right away (before Judy’s deadline), re-branding 1.12 seems like a great idea. However, If we can spend some time (a week or two) testing Platform 2.0 exhaustively or to the extent we can confidently run the modules on it, we should go ahead with doing that and then re-branding 2.0.


@judywawira what do you need to get things to a usable place? And by what date? I know @sunbiz was working on branding; where did that end up?

Update: A VM is up and running with MySQL, OpenJDK 8, and Tomcat 8 installed. I have sent details to @sunbiz & @judywawira. Please let me know if you need anything else, and also if you want shell access. :slight_smile:

Is any of the work for Judy’s work in git (either gitlab/github)?

I believe @sunbiz is queuing everything up for a large commit.

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I now think that large commits are not a good idea. So I’ve created a fork on gitlab and will be committing everyday to it with changes… and then can squash those as soon as its nearly complete. Then will send a merge request

PS: I like dancing sponges. Is this cc-by. I vote for making this our loading gif… like when the swagger docs are loading :slight_smile:

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Fair use, I hope? :slight_smile:

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I vote YES!