Best way to log in to "practice"

Greetings from Maine,

We are hoping to utilize LibreHealth as a teaching tool for our students (undergrads now - soon graduates). I have been given the task to "check it out:…

What’s the best way to do so. I have done to a/the general site (Admin/Password) and have had some issues (namely ICD code lookup)…

ANY guidance and or suggestion is GREATLY appreciated

We welcome being a part of this exciting and necessary platform.

@UNE_HealthIT are you using this on the demo site? if so which one? What exactly are the ICD code lookup issues.

Hey there Susan,

Welcome! I made your post public so that others can help. I’m the guy keeping the infrastructure running, so I can’t help you much.

There’s been discussion and traction on setting up an Educational EHR using LibreHealth EHR:

We have made progress on that. We have also tossed data from NHANES(National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) – found at https;//

Have billing codes been installed on the demo in question?

Don’t know which is the question

Nhanes has them installed and I am installing them on the regular demo site

Yes - - using the demo

They should be there now, Let me know if you have any issues.

Thank you… will do