Basic Login Page Polymer Component


I am creating basic ‘Sign In’ component. This component is under development. I would like to get an feedback.

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Last I looked at Polymer, it crashed Chrome…it’d be super cool if you could deploy your demo on github pages…it even gitlab pages!

I wish it were possible to quickly set up like a demo page for people not active developers to give feedback

Also update the instructions for testing on README

I am not sure how can I create demo page? Can anyone guide me for creating demo? I will update README file with testing instructions.

I have updated this component to OWA component as suggested by @sunbiz for testing. I have updated file. This component have responsive design. Please let me know your comments after testing the component.

I will start looking at react.js and vaadin for next components.

I tried to test this using lh-toolkit and OWA 1.3 but failed on uploading the zip

Probably Zip file have ‘librehealth-signin’ folder. ZIP file should have an app manifest in its root directory. Please let me know if that works.

Hi @namratanehete @sunbiz @judywawira ,

I am interested in this project and will appreciate working on this during the summer of code. I have successfully set up the environment and added the zip folder but trying to access the login form throws me a 404 error message.


I think the documentation here should also address polymer set up and configurations since this is a polymerised project.

@zulrich91 If you will follow step number 5 of bower install then polymer will get installed automatically. It does not need any configuration.

@namratanehete. Thanks, I ran the process all over again and I confirmed that polymer gets installed automatically .

I am still having the 404 error message. Please can you suggest some workarounds ?

@namratanehete @judywawira @sunbiz I succeeded in depolying the login page some weeks ago. I just forgot to update this thread accordingly. The 404 was as a result of a redirection that changed part of the URL from lh-toolkit to Openmrs. I had to modify the Open Web App module settings by changing the App Base URL to http://localhost:8080/lh-toolkit/owa. Now everything works find. I equally built and deployed a simple Helloworld component.

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@zulrich91 Links to the hello world component? Any interesting, shareable component that you’ve come up with?