Backup Scrum Masters

He all,

We are having daily scrum meetings every week days at 3pm UTC + 1. I’m currently the scrum master but for some reasons I sometimes miss like for today, I was not feeling too well and after taking some drugs I slept a while and missed the time for scrum. It’s sad to see that it didn’t hold because I wasn’t around. So I’m assigning backup scrum masters. It will be your responsibilities to keep scrum running when I’m not around. You should communicate with each other 10 minutes before scrum to confirm that a scrum master ahead of you is around so you know whether you should take the lead so as to avoid confusion. Please let’s keep an eye on our private messages(I sometimes miss it) minutes before scrum. The order for backup scrum master has been selected based on passed availability

See previous chats on the #dev on how to run scrum.



It will be good if the backup scrum masters create a schedule. This stacking algorithm is quite innovative and distribute the burden of responsibility. What a great opportunity for emerging leaders to show up.

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For the Backup scrum masters and everyone participating in daily scrum. Daily Scrum Meeting