Authenticating users in an OWA

I will like to know if it is possible to authenticate a user from an Open Web App via REST when they fill in their login credentials in a login form and submit.

The answer to your question is Yes it is possible.

If your next question will be, How is it done? Then I suggest you see look at how @namratanehete did it here

But I don’t think you need to do it. OWAs are meant to be deployed on the system, and they will authenticate automatically when a URL is called. So you don’t need to authenticate in the OWA.

okay, so no need for a login screen then. Thanks

If u r working on the EHR login page webcomponent (the example sent by @ivange94), then that is a different matter altogether. But the usual OWAs should assume that the system has authenticated the user already.

okay thanks @sunbiz it now makes much sense

Just for posterity, if someone is looking for a more modern polymer-based login component for toolkit 1.x, then this is a good example -


Just to confirm we are using polymer 3 right @sunbiz

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I was working with Angular. Am I suppose to instead work with polymer during this summer?

Both — components will all be in polymer see this example as recommended by @sunbiz … you will be incharge of compiling the final Radiology owa which I think will be in angular right @sunbiz and @namratanehete ?


Unless we are tying the polymer components using something different