Article on our Educational Initiative by our very own Dr. Bob Hoyt

Open Health News just published an article on LibreHealth EHR for education:

Amplifying for more exposure by making a separate post.

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I was hoping this would be an easy way for the project to get more exposure. A similar article I wrote for them in 2014 got 14K hits. I’m not happy it included my picture. Now that I am a member of the steering committee articles like this could come via the committee. I did send my draft to Tony for review before I submitted.

The editor (Roger Maduro) is very interested in promoting LibreHealth EHR for disaster relief, along with the platform DHIS2. Some of you already have some knowledge of this effort and I would like to hear your opinion as to whether this could be a future direction for LibreHealth. Perhaps more funding for this than the educational version of the EHR. Another thought - because DHIS2 includes pivot tables, charts, maps and dashboards could integration of LibreHealth EHR populated with NHANES patients use DHIS2 as the analytics dashboard?

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@rhoyt being the steering committee doesn’t mean you can’t promote the project…I see no ethical concerns with your article.

Agree, yet I don’t think @rhoyt implied that. I think he meant it as a question for us if we have a particular preference. Referring to the picture part, @rhoyt, you look great, shouldn’t be a problem either :slight_smile:

Regarding the disaster relief part, yes, Roger and I are working on this for more than 6 months now. Tony was also involved in the conversations lately. I think one of the reasons I am here is to liaise with the LibreHealth community and make it happen, with your help, assuming there is enough interest. And, imho, there should be, because it’s an area nobody wants to work on beyond just creating pretty slides and applying for grants.

I’ll be at the HSPC architecture meeting hosted by Mayo Clinic in MN for the next 3 days. I will touch on this subject there as well.

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You all have established a track record with Roger and the notion of using LibreHealth EHR for disaster tracking and management. While this clearly is an informatics project, there is very little written about it in the US literature. If the consensus of the steering committee is that this a worthwhile project, I’ll lend my support and possibly funds to it. I do have a million questions, such as, do we need a prototype integration of LibreHealth EHR with DHIS2 for proof of concept?

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I am very interested in hearing about this as well :slight_smile:

Also, I will be putting together a draft plan of how to use the AWS credits.

I am curious to hear of your 1 million questions.

Regarding prototype, my plan is this:

  1. I reached out to @r0bby to learn more about the logistics of LH (where documents go, what’s public, what’s private, etc).
  2. I would like to have a few private conversations with all of you to learn more about your wants and ideas. Some of it can happen via email, but it’s faster to bootstrap via a call, when possible.
  3. Share with you some of the presentations I made over the past year so that the context becomes clear
  4. Submit a more formal proposal to the steering committee. This will obviously get amended after a conversation and hopefully a consensus that it something worth pursuing (or it may not be).
  5. Execute the plan which will for sure focus primarily on creating the right message and reaching out to interested parties who may be willing to sponsor the efforts.
  6. Continue to develop the technology (I think there is enough for a prototype), but I would do it in an incremental way, deploying more and more services/features to a continuously running infrastructure.

I am sure above raised more questions, I’ll try to answer them all. This absolutely need to be a community effort to succeed.