Any luck on sample data?

It seems that there was some discussion about having sample data for developers to use for testing. I haven’t seen any data yet. Does anyone have a deidentified database that I can use?



Dr. Hoyt and I are working on a project using the NHANES dataset in the EHR. You can check out the current state on the demo site. Login is admin/password

Currently there are patients with diagnoses and medication lists. Next to add are some BP, height and weight measurements. A selection of lab values is also being added to the system.

This is an on going project, and we hope to figure out what will be most helpful to others so we can continue to expand the scope as resources allow.

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Freshly renovated for LibreHealthEHR, and tested with 50,000 patients, 200 insurance companies and ~250,000 or so encounters and appointments. If you don’t have a windows machine, I am pretty sure it runs fine on Wine…

Now that it is working again, I will add billing items and docs to it. Hopefully I will get to renovate the appointments stuff for the new calendar.

Note: I would run it with just 10 or 100 patients and test everything out in a matter of a few seconds vs. doing a huge testbed dump for your first run…