Any browser gives short main division in windows

DEar all, Tried all the changes to the main > tab > css. But to no avail. ANy sugestions? Kind regards, Ken

Hello @bitsforbiz, welcome to LH, can you be more specific? Which of our products are you referring to and what do you mean by short main division?

Sorry, I am using LibreHealth. And it was fine, and couple of weeks now it just goes over to shorter main screens( in row ), and it after switching to another browser it starts after a while for all users on that pc, and network etc. I hope I have not said it in a confusing manner. Best way I can explain it.

How to get bigger windows is the same problem I guess.

I am using Librehealth v2.0.0

i am using LH EHR v 2.00

Is upgrading in version an option?

Right now I would not advise using EHR in production unless you are using it behind a VPN.

We a recent slew of vulnerabilities disclosed we’ll be doing a release shortly.

More info: Bishop Fox Security Advisory related to LibreHealth EHR version 2.0.0

I appreciate the info. Would using Opera browser with VPN work fine?

The two things are unrelated but yeah should work.

@bitsforbiz this is fixed in Please get the latest codes and let me know if that works for you.

HI Mua,

so just copy the whole content of the file(interface/main/tabs/css/tabs.css) and paste it in mine?

I don’t know how you manage your deployment. If you are using git then you can just do a git fetch from master. Otherwise you can chose what ever suits you

I Did paste the changes and it worked. Great work guys. I am new to the community, and I already feel at home. Thank you so much to guys

I just use the Firefox Browser and the LH windows are fine…

Yes it is a chrome issue with height/min-height property. This was resolved!