Announcing the Finalists for Google Code-in 2017

It is with great pleasure that the mentors and I announce that the selection was quite difficult, we had many great choices…but at the end of the day we could only select 5.

Drum Roll please

Grand Prize Winners (2): Jake Du(@Jdew192837), Mateusz Grznka(@alpinus4)

Reserve Winner (Finalist): Miguel Dinis(@MigDinny)

Finalists (2): Adrien Zier(@Zatoner_Dev), Viswas Adiga(@Vishwas-Adiga)

Great job folks! Please stick around!


Congrats @Jdew192837, @alpinus4, @MigDinny, @Zatoner_Dev and @Vishwas-Adiga for making it in the top 5 and also congrats to all the other participants who but in their best.


Congrats to all…WOW you guys put in some work. Wow.

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