A $23 million telemedicine project in India with 'zero impact' on rural health

A New Health Care Project Won Awards. But Did It Really Work?

'The program seemed like a fantastic idea at first, says Manoj Mohanan, an assistant professor of public policy and economics at Duke University.

'It’s called the WHP-Sky Program. The idea behind it was to transform health care in rural India, where doctors are scarce. WHP hoped to set up franchises where patients could get electronic advice from doctors with degrees instead of less-qualified health workers.

‘The program got a lot of support, including $23 million in funding from the Gates Foundation (which is a funder of NPR and of this blog). After the 2011 launch, the Gates Foundation commissioned a team of independent scientists, including Mohanan, to review the project. They found that after its first three years of its operation, WHP-Sky seems to have had zero impact on India’s rural landscape…’


What the source of this article? We have someone in India asking us to bid on what looks like this exact thing.

I found it, not exactly like what we are working on, which is more of a Dr <> Dr network for specialist access from rural clinics via telehealth.

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