2 new videos published to YouTube

Hi Folks- I got 2 more up this evening:

LibreHealthEHR Add a New Patient

LibreHealth EHR Sample Encounter

The sample encounter vid is 20 minutes… but it covers a lot. For future reference, I don’t want to make any video over 20 minutes, that’s pretty much the upper limit ever. If you folks have any firm desire to split this one in half I can do that and re-publish them, but the workflow itself doesn’t have a natural place to break it.

‘Add new Pt’ is the first of the sprint; the Encounter is the 2nd, and the 3d is ‘all about the calendar’. Should have no problems getting that done before the end of the sprint. And it won’t be close to 20 minutes long.

After the sprint I’ll get the Intro Part 2 finished and up there.

As always, comments and corrections are welcome.

Rgds- Harley


Great work @htuck!!!

TYVM for the appreciation!

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I did look at the Add and New Patient video and it is well done. It is aimed more for a front office worker, than a health informatics student. Please compare to the PDF I posted on the Forum.

I reviewed the Sample Encounter and it is also well done. Both videos are blurry when made full screen. Is there anything we can do about that? Not a show stopper, however

@rhoyt I see what you mean- all the history needs to be added.

I should be able to add a couple- minute chunk of video in there that includes that.

Thanks for the focus.

  • Harley


A simple addition of history would do it. Thanks

Let me experiment some more with my video settings. It would be preferable to be crisp at full screen.

- HT

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The video you uploaded today is explicit. There’s this disturbing sound in the background though. Can we stop that? Great videos @htuck

Curious, it sounded good when I played it on my own computer before publishing. But I will certainly check it out.

  • Harley

@Trodrige I checked it on youtube this morning and only heard my computer’s fan running in the background for a few seconds. Is that what you meant?