Will be at DEF CON on vacation from Aug 8-13

Hey all,

I will not have access to my laptop during this time. It may or may not be with me. n Unless an issue requiring the infrastructure team is urgent, I will not be handling it immediately. @sunbiz has global access to all systems if something is an absolute emergency…otherwise – file an issue and I will handle it when I return. The only emergency is a service is down. Updating demo code is not an emergency.

I should be available on Rocket Chat and will check email. @Adele_Nguedia and @KoniKodes – if you need anything – I will be available, but my responses will be scattered

We’ll miss you @r0bby . Enjoy the time.

I just need to confirm - what time do you want to meet in Manhattan on Saturday, August 18? I just need to be back in Brooklyn around 4:30 to prepare for the event.

Hoping for a couple of hours - at least - of your time…

It’s my time to nerd out – I will definitely enjoy it :slight_smile:

I’ll think about this when I get back. I figure maybe like 1230 or 1? I gotta check that plan with the trains and see if it’s feasible :slight_smile:

Okay Great. I’ve just confirmed that my hostess will be there when I arrive Friday night. She should be able to let me know the best way to find you.

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