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LibreHealth is an ongoing community project to develop software that promotes data gathering, sharing, storage and analysis, with privacy protections. The core is based on the open source project OpenMRS, but we expect to expand along with the field of health itself into new areas of support for health care clinicians and researchers, as well as the general public.

We invite everyone to participate constructively on this forum to setting up the LibreHealth project and facilitating contributions. Topics include development, organization, funding, documentation, training, and whatever other topics promote the project.

If you are a clinician or health-concerned individual, you can express your needs on the forum in ways that help developers meet them. If you are a developer, you can get help for your work and drive decisions about project organization and direction.

Our guidelines for participation are straightforward. Remember you are on a public site, remember that people from many countries around the world participate, and be respectful but honest. For details, you can read our guidelines, terms of service, and privacy policy. Like most things at this early stage of the project, those documents are undergoing changes and open to comment.

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Am most delighted to be part of such a wonderful community

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