We are IN Google Code-in 2018 under the umbrella of DIAL OSC

Folks – as mentioned in our chat – we are in Google Code-in as a sub-org under the umbrella of Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) Open Source Center (OSC). Shortened, we will refer to it as DIAL OSC. I am confident that this will be a great year. Let’s have some fun folks!

All policies which will be enforced can be found here.

There will be a separate post made in the #community:mentors category, which is not visible to everyone.


If you are planning on mentoring and you have a track record of contributions with us – reach out to me via PM with an email address as soon as possible.

If you have not made any contributions, documentation counts as a contribution, then we are sorry but we cannot accept you as mentors this year. However, if you let us know what your skillset is – we can help you find something to establish a track record so you are better equipped to mentor in the future. There is a very small chance that if you are a rockstar – that we may take you on later in the contest, so do not be discouraged.

@robby how do we reach to you via PM. we aint got ur mail?

Discourse has a private messaging feature --and there’s also the chat :slight_smile:

@r0bby do we need to submit any other information before registering as mentors?

You need to give me your email – I’m managing things for the LibreHealth side along with @Trodrige

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Quick question: Does this umbrella setup mean that all organisations under DIAL OSC will be able to collectively put forward only two winners and three finalists?

Nope. There’s a chance that we could have no winners. Work hard and we’ll fight for you. Trust me – if I see a student working hard…I will fight hard for them.

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