Project : Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology


(Judy Gichoya) #1

If you check out the demo of the radiology site - the radiology site loads all the studies being performed though the OHIF viewer as shown below

The reporting process for the radiologist begins after selecting the “Claim Study” button and it should allow the user to select a template , dictate the report, sign the report and send a copy to the EMR and the PACS system. Once a study is completed it should fall off the dictated list and once a user clicks on the patient they should be able to review the results

This project will function to implement this end to end reporting workflow. Please refer to prior discussion threads on reporting -

Mentors @judywawira @sunbiz @namratanehete


Technical Requirements Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MachineLearning, deep learning

(Ndjoko A Bidias Cesar Jr) #2

I wish to join the project so I can contribute, but I’m still a beginner at HTML/CSS/JS how can I be of help/contribute

(Robby O'Connor) #3

You will need to learn Java.