Project: Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer

This is the project thread for Project: Improve LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer

@bishtmanish739 this is where you will communicate – you may also use our chat. I am considering this Jitsi meet room public if you need video conferencing.

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thank-you. I am excited to contribute in this project.


Would you like to fix this open issue Search options for hospital and prices (#66) · Issues · LibreHealth / LibreHealth Toolkit / Cost of Care Explorer / LibreHealth Toolkit Cost of Care Explorer Flutter App · GitLab opened by @ReginaMerine as they have to start evaluations and user study from June.

Or should I fix it myself ?

As I got this message in e-mail from her

Hello Darshpreet,

Congratulations for the great achievement.

I would like to know if you were able to oversee the issues and fix them. If then, we could start the apps evaluation study from June 1st week.


@Darshpreet2000 actually i am out of town. It may take few little bit busy. Please fix it if possible.

Thanks for the response, no problem it’s a small feature, I will fix it soon.

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Wrap that into your work this summer, no need to start coding now. You have until June 7.

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The requested changes are in the mobile app. I am also creating a Google Play developer account for LibreHealth which will help us to publish the app to the Play Store.

Awesome! @bishtmanish739 if you want brownie points, you can also set up GitLab CI to release to f-droid and the play store when we tag releases.

ok. I want to discuss one issue about gps: ^0.1.1 dependency. Currently, we are using flutter 1.22.6 for our project. But we want to upgrade our project so that we can use the latest feature. the latest version of gps: ^0.1.1 dependency does not support null safety and flutter latest release 2.2.0. I come up with one solution we can use geolocator 7.0.3 instead of gps ^ 0.1.1. geolocator 7.0.3 also support nullsafety.and by using geolocator 7.0.3 we can upgrade our entire project to flutter 2.2.0. But We can not publish our app in F-droid because we are using geolocator. So we can publish our application to play store instead of F-droid. @r0bby @muarachmann .

Mentors can I change my timeline a little bit? I want to perform week 4 task first because the priority of this task is high. earlier I mentioned that I will replace deprecated features in week 4. But I think this task should be done in 1st week because other tasks directly depend on the completion of this task because deprecated feature should be replaced first. @r0bby @muarachmann

Hi @bishtmanish739 sorry for the late reply. Yes go for the goelocator if it it does the achievable. I think it was used because of its simplicity as we were just querying the api using those. Geolocator comes with all its perks, actively maintained and also has lots of points. In general you should aim for those. We are working on creating a playstore account and those will be done over there when the time comes. Also I am curious as to why F-Droid wont host our app?

  • Also, yes you can switch over your timeline if this will be a blocker for implementing the other features.

So long as you can complete the project, I personally don’t care if you do the tasks in a different order. This project itself is already rather open-ended.

here discussed why we can’t use goelocation @muarachmann

Thanks @bishtmanish739 maybe this might help - Migrating to Null safety by muarachmann · Pull Request #6 · CaiJingLong/flutter_gps · GitHub or we might want to pull a fork if it delays in getting merged.

@muarachmann If you are creating a Google Developer account it is far better to use Geolocator. Because geolocator updates are frequent.

We want to also be on f-droid though, that was the reason for removing it.

ok. Thanks, @muarachmann for migrating this package into null safety.

Also, I’d rather not depend on Google Play Services anyways.

ok. I will fork gps repo use it directly from github.