Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources

commit rebased and MR landed.

made a few commits to the exisiting MR : REACT EHR

username: benteke_cristian

password: 02021994Va

You should trip trailing and leading whitespace in username validation. Similar for passwords as well.


@sunbiz should the general seach component that I had proposed be created as a react component or a lit component ?

Since you are more comfortable with React, you can use that. It will also be the proof of the pudding that different web components can work together on a page. However, it will be nice if you also used the material design UX for that component.

Sure @sunbiz ! For the time being I’ll do with react.

Actually I have a small doubt regarding the last statement here, by material design do we mean this :


  • material ui that we have already used in the project?

Is there a reason to not use the official web components from Google -

It’s mainly because I started with MUI, I felt that MUI is a bit more powerful than rmwc , the variety of components are more and most of the use cases are covered here. rmwc is under limited support according to the README, so I started with MUI. Anyways I will switch to rmwc if you suggest it @sunbiz !

It’s your choice… I am fine with either.

new commit covering all the screens and components for checkin workflow :

@sunbiz how should the response be handled for the create patient component ? for editing the patient resouce entry via get resource, I did everything inside of the react component, but as the post request is already made from the lit-component in create-patient should I add response handling there itself or should it be done inside react ?

I think the POST response should always be in the app. The web component can be installed in different configurations and it should be upto the dev assembling the components to handle what to do after the POST.

However, shouldn’t the editing be done through the create-patient resource too? There shouldn’t be separate one from create and edit, if they have the same elements inside it.

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@sunbiz I’ve used the patient-get-component's value for editing , as after selecting an entry in the search component the get component is used to show the details of that specific ID.

The values of the components will already be filled so it will be easier to make small/large edits, but if the create patient is used it will be initialised with all empty value because of the way it’s configured.

@sunbiz I made the above issue regarding few probable bugs.

@sunbiz I made a MR with some new components for this.

Thanks. I will review this one. I see a few draft MRs, which I assume are work-in-progress.

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@sunbiz I’ve created a MR for this.

I have merged this… In addition, thanks for the excellent find why some components aren’t working in the demo. Please create an issue and send an MR to fix it.

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@sunbiz I’ll create the tests MR soon.

@sunbiz I’ve added the unit tests in this MR