Meaningful Use / MACRA and MIPS

(Art Eaton) #21!forum/qpp-apis The above is the Google Group associated with the whole MIPS/MACRA thing. It really only involves the “API” (snickker), and some sort of web tool at the moment…but outreach from a government agency starts small. The CMS contract developers all seem to be young and involved, but not well supplied with ancillary data that would give them the “Big Picture”. Our community needs to meet them half-way on a great number of things. This is the best support venue CMS has ever had, and I feel that more communication here will result in a lot less time on phone-call hold waiting to speak to someone at CMS.

(Judy Gichoya) #22

@aethelwulffe and the rest of the LH folks

I think we should find a way of blogging or some form of documenting … New comers coming on will have no idea of what MIPS /MACRA is …

I am excited to see open source initiatives make their way into CMS

(Art Eaton) #23

Uh…Judy, I know you run around in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda, and I forgot you are an internist somewhere in the Mid West, so I guess I assumed you were generally free of the influence of CMS. I disliked gumming up the forum with U.S. regulatory junk like this. I guess you must be actually based out of the U.S. My condolences.:neutral_face: -Anywho…aside from participating in their project, getting involved in the Webinars for all this stuff (they just announced one for every month in the rest of the year), any suggestions on where/how to document more broadly? I have been posting gripe articles on Linkedin and whatnot. I suppose a “Here is what this all really is” article would be a good start, at least for our contributors here…the ones that are not wise enough to just say “Ug. More of the American Government junk…pressing…[delete]”.

(Robby O'Connor) #24

We could throw up a blog somewhere – at some point but in the meantime, posts on here can suffice and we can shortlink them. We could also use the forums in a similar to the howto category on Discourse Meta. The latter has the added benefit of we don’t have to do more work (beyond setting it up).

(Tony McCormick) #25

No reason that I can think of to do this on some other platform than here. This topic was created for those discussions. Static FAQ sheets can be .MD in a repo resource.