Making a great GSOC proposal - Example

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Look at this link for a great GSOC proposal - The wireframes seem to be missing but this can help guide you


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The idea of your proposal is to show us you know what you’re doing.

That means:

  • Research, ask questions
  • Give us a detailed plan of how you’re going to spend the summer. Your mentor will just check things off, and answer questions but expects you to carry out your plan
  • Wireframe ALL user interface elements!
  • Explain any and all technologies you plan to use and explain WHY you are using them.
  • Have a timeline of what you will have for each of the evaluations. Failure to deliver without speaking to your mentor and adjusting your milestones can and in my opinion SHOULD result in failure. At any of the evaluations prior to the final, you are booted from the program if we fail you. I’d recommend breaking it up into phases or weekly.

If your proposal is less than 6 to 8 pages, you didn’t include enough details.


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Something that will get your propsoal rejected right away is re-using sayyy your final year project proposal without bothering to change it.

We can identify low-effort proposals. Talk to us while you write your propsoals!

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