LibreHealth EHR Hack-a-thon / Team Meetup

I think it would be both fun and useful to have a meetup/hack-a-thon somewhere on the eastern side of the Mississippi for the all of us to take the cool things that we are getting out of GSOC and some of the bigger Ideals and spend some time, together, implementing them in a fun, together sort of way.

I’m thinking September? @ken, @aethelwulffe, @teryhill, @yehster are all on the east side, so I would come your direction. We could meet someplace, central and not expensive … (insert “research required”)

@downey any ideas, sponsorship opportunities, etc?


Well, I always enjoy hosting…:slight_smile:

anyone else? or is this just a recurring pipedream

@sunbiz I wonder if IU/SoIC could be convinced to host something? And maybe get some students involved?

It’s hard for us mountain folks to travel what with holding the lanterns to see how to drive at night, just make it close.

Bus-a-thon? :slight_smile: :bus:

You got to have a helo or a 4WD bus to pick Terry up. Rockets work good too, if you got one of them fancy SpaceX brand.

I tried asking around, but not much excitement for it at the moment. Better to get some implementation and then have this hackathon