LibreHealth application for Google Summer of Code 2020 completed

I have just completed the LibreHealth Google Summer of Code 2020. A few question answers are tentative but otherwise, let’s make this a great year!

@judywawira, @sunbiz – accept the org admin invite, please.


Great …,will be applying this year.!

We’re working on that process for this year.

@judywawira and me have discussed a list of projects. We’ll get those projects ideas out after 31st Jan, since we have a grant deadline.

@shbucher will also have a few project ideas out by then. We have discussed at least 10-15 project ideas, which we will put out as new topics on the forums, like in previous years.

I re-opened some ideas – if you don’t agree with those, feel free to nuke the #gsoc2020-project and #gsoc2020 tag, absent of those tags, they won’t appear on our “ideas page.” Also @sunbiz – see Signal – I proposed some ideas.

yes, only a few we will take from last year. Signal doesn’t give me notifications. So sorry @r0bby for missing those.

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Only one i took was Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra.

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