I love the Ubuntu Tutorials -- we should adopt their style

Clean , simple and straightforward

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Agree that it is very well presented. Does anyone know of any open source software for tutorials? I was considering this type of approach for analyzing data for students using LibreHealth EHR.

Taking a look at an open source LMS which might be useful for teaching any aspect of the LibreHealth platform: https://eliademy.com/

The most well known OSS tool for this is Moodle

I also have access to a tool that wants to be Open Source, but does not have any experience at that process called Digital Learning Tree. It’s in use at several California (and other) Universities as well as some middle schools.

It’s already free to teachers… I know the creator well. Last I checked he was working with David Metcalf at UCF.

I hate Moodle

Have you seen the Edx courses online (https://www.edx.org) – that platform is free / open source to use

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EDX looks very interesting but looks like it requires some development expertise (which many forum members have, but not me). That is why I liked eliademy because it is already hosted and free. Would not require any IT experience.

Regardless, in a perfect world it would be nice to create course material that parallels LibreHealth EHR functionality. If Kevin is able to build better reports/search engine then we could create a variety of exercises, quizzes and so forth. I still see as a stumbling block, no clear cut business plan to host and make everything available to universities. I also see as a challenge, the separate movement to input synthetic data. Has there been any progress with that?

I did sign up for the Eliademy course creation site as a trial. Looks like if you want all of the bells and whistles, it is about $12/month which is cheap. This link gives you an idea of the features but I will do nothing further until we reach some type of consensus as to the future direction of our project

I think OpenEdX is great for hosting a MooC. I think the Moodle UI sucks, having administered and run courses on it. It has great functionality though.